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Welcome to Taiora and Daikari page

Welcome to Taiora and Daikari page! This page is dedicated to two of my favorite Digimon couples from Digimon franchise - Taiora (Tai&Sora) and Daikari (Davis&Kari).

I made this website back in 2007 when I was just 15 years old. Right now I don't have as much time as I did back then but I still try to update it whenever I can. If you want to know more about Taiora or Daikari just click on the Taiora/Daikari section. On this main page, you can find a little bit info about this page and Digimon franchise (but only seasons that are relevant to Tai&Sora&Davis&Kari). If that's why you are here, feel free to check it out!

I hope you will enjoy your stay and if you want to contact me feel free to send me an email or write it in my guestbook (the book icon at the end of the page). Have fun!

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New episodes, new episode guide update! I was on a vacation for a week so I updated the 4th and 5th episode summary and that's about it.

I know this month just started but in a less than a month there will be an Odaiba memorial day. Every year I wanted to draw something or whatever but till now I never managed to do it. Maybe this year. I was reading somewhere about making a Digimon theme food for the 1st of August and maybe I will try it this year. I already made the Guilmon bread and could use it for the breakfast and later some Omurice, which is Tai's specialty and he was making it for Kari on the same day. We will see. If you have any good suggestion, let me know!

That's it for now! See you soon!

Previous informations:
One more week till the new Digimon Reboot episode! I'm going on a vacation a day before so I'll make an update a week later. A quick trip before another lockdown.

Meanwhile you can read (and even try by yourself) how to bake Guilmon bread on my blog! Easy and super fun to make - also very good taste.

Someone from TOEI leaked out the new Last Evolution movie with their logo in the middle of the screen through the whole movie and a lot of people watched it and there are many spoilers around. I decided to wait for a better quality since this is probably the last movie connected to the original Digimon Adventure & 02 so I want to watch it without distraction. I just hope it will soon be available online before internet spoils everything.

That's it for now! See you soon!

08TH JULY 2020 | NAMI


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