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Daikari evidence

Here you can find Daikari evidences from Season 02, movies and other (evidences like "they're standing next to each other you won't find here because evidences like this are ridiculous).

NOTE: I was 15 when I started "this web project" and back then we were a bit obsessed with searching the evidence that would show us the two of them liked each other more than just friends. Right now I just appriciate their relationship - even if just as friends - but I don't have enough time to change everything written on this page (I also spent a lot of time writing it so I'll leave it the way it is.). So keep that in mind when you're reading all the "evidences" ;)

Season 02 - Evidences from Season 02.
Movies - Evidences from all the movies.
Videos - Daikari evidences in video!
Tokyopop Manga - Evidences from Tokyopop Manga.