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Why do I support them

I think Kari would be really happy with a person, who would do anything for her. She shouldn't laugh at him.

There is no reason why they shouldn't be together - Davis likes her and all she had to do is to show him back she likes him too.

Even V-mon likes Gatomon.

Davis gets along with Tai very well, Tai even gave him his goggles (he didn't give them to T.K. , although he knew him longer), Davis has Tai's crest and Tai is his idol.

If Kari is in danger Davis always reacts immediately and he would argue with his best friend if this helped her.

Why I don't support them

Kari doesn't take Davis seriously. She makes fun of him and this is kinda evil. I wouldn't forgive her if she played with my feelings like she does with Davis's.

Davis is a very jealous person. It's not good to be married to such a person, they would probably both suffer. But anyway, Davis is 25 older than he was, so he could change.