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The truth about Daikari

There is no doubt in Davis' feelings for Kari. Through the second season (mostly at the beginning of it) we can see Davis confessing his love for Kari a million times – he was doing whatever she wanted to do and he was always jealous of T.K. because he knew her from before and the two of them are already good friends. Later, when Ken comes, Davis spends more time with him and these little Daikari moments are less obvious.

Somehow, I think that when Davis stopped being so obsessive with Kari and stopped with his pushy love towards her, she started to acknowledge him (or at least she started to miss his attention).

Through the season Kari never mention she doesn't like the attention from Davis. She and T.K. joke a little bit out of it, but that's it.

25 years later we don't really know what happened with the three of them (romantically). All three of them come to the meeting point separated and their children don't look alike (and it wasn't shown that they are together like it was with Sora&Matt and Yolei&Ken). So they are most likely married/together with someone unknown to us.

Even though there was a poster published wih T.K. and Kari holding hands it could just mean the two of them are really good friends. Or maybe they were together. Not everyone ends up with their childhood sweatheart.