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I want to introduce you to some things that Digidestined had in season 1 (crest, digivice ...).

Tags and Crests

Tags are some kind of amulets they have. In this amulet there goes their crest. Everybody has a different crest and every crest has a different meaning.

Crest is useful for many things. Your Digimon can't digivolve into ultimate level if you don't have your crest. But that is not enough. You have to believe in it (I am writing this like it's actually real xo). You can also see that in episode 26. Sora gets her crest already in the episode 20, but Biyomon finally evolves in the episode 26. Sora thought that she doesn't deserve this crest, that no one loves her. But when Biyomon was attacked and she reacted just like her mother she found out that all the stuff her mother said to her was because she loved her.

In episode 38, a sleeping gas should have put Mimi to sleep. It did but she woke up. That is because of her crest. Her crest shined and revived her.

And also some episodes later when Gabumon and Agumon digivolved to their Mega level ... Angemon and Angewomon fired arrows in Tai and Matt. These arrows were actually beams of light from their Crests.

Nami The owner of this crest is Tai Yagami. He found this crest in a cave when he and the others were running to hide themselves from Etemon's attack. That was in episode 15. His first action that proved his courage was in episode 20. Sora was taken by Datamon and Tai risked his own life to get through electrical wires just to save Sora.

Nami The owner of this crest is Matt Ishida. He found his crest in episode 18 when they were in Piximon's house to get trained by the Digimon. At night Matt and Izzy's tags were glowing and they lead them to their crests. That was in some kind of well. In episode 23 when Joe was in danger, Matt's crest first shined. When Matt realized that Joe is his friend (no matter how much he fought with him or something like that). I love the episode when Tai was in danger and Matt came to save him and his crest cured Wargreymon.

Nami The owner is Sora Takenouchi. She found her crest in episode 19. She actually didn't find it, it was Datamon who gave it to her because he wanted to create a clone of her and fight against Etemon (not sure what he planned to do with the clone xD). Her crest first shined in episode 26 when Biyomon was in danger and she realized that she is not alone and that there are people who love her.

Nami The owner of this crest is Mimi Tachikawa. She found her crest in episode 17 at the end of this episode. They were walking through a desert and there it was. On the top of a giant cactus. The first time when her crest shined was in episode 25 when Mimi finally decided to help the Gekomon.

Nami The owner of this crest is Izzy Izumi. He found his crest in episode 18 at the same time as Matt. When all were sleeping, he and Matt went to a well (their Tags led them to it) and found the crest. The first time when the crest shined was in episode 24 when he finally got over Vademon's control.

Nami The owner of this crest is Joe Kido. He found his crest in episode 16. His crest was hidden under a soccer field and the DigiDestined were trapped there. His crest first shined in episode 36. That time T.K. fell in water and Joe tried to save him (and he did) and he almost died because of that.

Nami The owner of this crest is T.K. Takaishi. He found his crest in episode 19. It appeared on a wall of some cliff which was actually a gate to Etemon's base. His crest first shined in episode 52. T.K. and Kari were falling after Piedmon cut the rope they were on and T.K. didn't want to give up, he wanted his brother and friends back and fought for it!

Nami The owner of this crest is Kari Yagami. She found (actually got) her crest in episode 38. The tag already had it's crest inside. The first time her crest shined was in episode 36. That was at the time when she surrendered to Myotismon's army because she wanted them to stop hurting her friends.

Nami That actually belongs more in season 2, but Ken should have gotten his crest already in season 1 since the second season wasn't so much about crests anymore. xD Like I just said the owner of this crest is Ken Ichijouji. He got his crest in season 2, episode 21 when Kimeramon was defeated. Wormon never digivolves with this crest and Ken didn't even have the tag. But he used his crest to shut down the whole Digimon Emperor's base.


Every Digidestined has it's own digivice. Without the digivice their Digimon can't digivolve into another level. They all get their digivices in episode 1. Just Kari gets it later when all the others come back to the real world. The colors of Digimon' digivolutions are the same as colorations of their DigiDestined's crest.

With their digivices they can destroy the black gear inside of an evil Digimon (it's something that Izzy found out). In season 2 Kari, T.K., and Ken's digivices transformed into D-3 Digivice. All the others old DigiDestined have the same Digivice as in season 1.
Oh yeah, every DigiDestined's digivice has the same shape and color. That changes in season 2.

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