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D-3 Digivice

In season 1 and season 2 there are different digivices. In season 1 they are all the same but in season 2 all DigiDestined have a different one. The shape is the same, just the color is different. Just Kari and T.K.'s digivice from season 1 turned into this new D-3 digivice. They need this digivice for the normal digivolution, DNA, and armor digivolution. They also open the digi port to the digital world with it.
Tai released three of the new digivices when he touched the DigiEgg of Courage in the Digital World (episode 1).


They use it to send text messages to another DigiDestined. You can see that already in the first episode of season 2, where Tai used his D-terminal to call for help. In this D-terminal there are also saved all digi-eggs they have. They actually digivolve with it (armor digivolution). They are all the same. I didn't know that Tai and the other season 1 DigiDestined have it, because they didn't show it in the first season. So they must have gotten it somewhere between the seasons!

Digi-eggs (Armor)

There are 15 Digi-eggs. But not all of them were shown in season 2. I am going to describe to you just the ones that were in season 2. These Digi-eggs allow Digimon to armor digivolve. Without them they can't do that (this 'problem' has for example Ken).

Nami The owner of this Digi-egg is Davis Motomiya. With this, V-mon can digivolve to Flamedramon. On the Digi-egg is the symobol of the crest of courage which belongs to Tai. Davis (well actually Tai) found this digi-egg inside a cave. From this egg also came V-mon! That all happened in episode 1.


Nami The owner of this Digi-egg is also Davis. With this, V-mon can digivolve to Raidramon. Crest of Friendship (which is on this Digi-egg) belongs to Matt. They found it in a hole next to a large cliff. They found it in episode 11, when they fought with Digimon Emperor to save Agumon.

Nami The owner of this Digi-egg is Yolei Inoue. With this Digi-egg Hawkmon can digivolve to Halsemon. On it is the symbol of the crest of love. This crest belongs to Sora. They found it in a forest in a small temple. Hawkmon was kind of waiting in it for his partner to release him. When Yolei touched the egg, he came out of there! That happened in episode 2.

Nami Owner of this is also Yolei. Hawkmon can digivolve with it to Shurimon. It has the symbol of the crest of sincerity. This crest belongs to Mimi in season 1. They found it near a lake next to Digitamamon's Diner, when they were attacked. That happened in episode 14.

Nami That is the first Digi-egg Cody Hida got. He found it in the same place as Yolei did. In a small temple in a forest in episode 2. With it his digimon can digivolve to Digmon. The symbol of crest that is on it is from crest of knowledge which belongs to Izzy.

Nami That is another Cody's Digi-egg. With this Armadillomon can digivolve to Submarimon. They found the Digi-egg in episode 16 in a deep-sea rig in which Digidestined were trapped. The symbol on it represents the crest of Reliability and that one belongs to Joe.

Nami The owner of this is T.K. Takaishi He has just one digi-egg (just like Kari). The symbol on it is from his crest of hope. He found the digi-egg in episode 3 in a small cave. When he removed the digi-egg, his digivice transformed into the new D-3 digivice. With it Patamon can digivolve to Pegasusmon.

Nami Just like T.K., Kari Yagami only has one Digi-egg too. She found it in the same place as T.K. did. In a small cave in episode 3. Her symbol on the digi-egg is like her crest of light. With this digi-egg Gatomon can digivolve into Nefertimon. Her old digivice also transformed into this new D-3 digivice.

Nami The temporary owner of this egg is Davis Motomiya. With it his partner V-mon could digivolve to Magnamon. Davis can't use this digi-egg. He just used it once in the episode 20/21. He found it (Wormmon showed it to him) in Digimon Emperor's base. On the digi-egg is the symbol of the crest of miracles.

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