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The only accessory that's different from the ones in season 1 or season 2 are Tai's goggles. They are not the same as he had in the first season. These goggles are a product made by Izzy. With them, the DigiDestined could see all the space distortions around them. They can show you where the mass data concentrates and with it you can see the data flow. When Tai puts them on he can see different colors - depends on the difference of data format and it's strength. The red spots (the stronger light) they see are the concentrations related to the distortions. So with them they can find where the larger distortions are since there is a possibility that infected Digimon appear from large distorted areas.

Couldn't help myself but think how useless the goggles really are while watching Digimon Tri. They could see the larger distortions in space even without the goggles.

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