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How to make a DemiVeemon Cake

For TD's 6th Birthday I decided to do a DemiVeemon cake! It's actually pretty simple to do it (even if you're not good at cooking (like me) it's pretty simple.

First you have to make a biscuit (sponge cake). That's very simple. Things you need:
4 Eggs
100gr Sugar
180gr Flour

First, you have to separate yolks from egg white. You have to mix both of them (separately) until creamy. After that add 50g of sugar to both mixture and keep mixing until it becomes thicker. Put the yolks mixture to egg white mixture and mix it. Now you only have to add flour. Do it slowly (don't put all the flour in at once). Don't use the mixer to mix it all! Use a spoon or something like that. When you're done you have to put the mixture in the oven on 180° for 35 minutes!

Now you have to make an icing for the cake. I used chocolate buttercream icing. Things you need:
88g Soft butter
128g Powder sugar
2 Tablespoon milk
128g Dark chocolate

You have to put butter and icing sugar into a bowl and cream them together until creamy and fluffly. Meanwhile you have to melt the chocolate, because you'll have to put it into a bowl later. Add the milk to the butter and sugar mixture and mix it for a little bit. After that put the melted chocolate in and mix it. And that's how you make the icing.

It's probably the best if you leave the biscuit over night, but I didn't. I was in a hurry ;p

Now, take the biscuit and cut DemiVeemon's face out of it. Don't forget to cut the biscuit in half so you can fill it with the icing. Put the halves back together and start to embellish it. I used whipping cream. In a half I put a blue food color to get this sky blue whipping cream. Now everything you have to do is to put the whipping cream on your cake as you like. After that, I lined DemiVeemon with a melted chocolate and made his eyes and mouth (also with a melted chocolate!).

That's all! If you're going to do it, please send me some pictures! ;)

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