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Day (or two) trip to Odaiba

In the summer of 2017 I finally went to a (one month) trip to Japan. One of the first things I did when coming to Tokyo was visiting Odaiba - of course. Me and my sister were really hyped about it since we watched Digimon 20 years ago and we knew that a lot of locations in it are actually real. Unfortunately, we weren't prepared as much as we could be, so there are a few locations we missed (no worries, we will go there again and see the things we missed) and a few locations that we still didn't know about, because we didn't watch the whole Digimon Tri yet.

Going to Odaiba the first time, we decided to go to Hinode pier (since this was also in Digimon - remember when T.K. and Joey meet at the pier to go help the others. The scene where T.K.s mother was running after them because she was so worried.) and take a boat to Odaiba. It costs 480 yen (at least in 2017 did) and the boat ride is about 20 minutes. I suggest you look at the schedule before going there since the boat doesn't go all the time.

The ride was a little windy but it's so nice to see the Rainbow bridge () and Fuji Tv and the Odaiba beach while driving to it.

So the first thing we did when arriving at Odaiba we searched for 25 porticos () - you know the art sculptures in front of Tai's apartment? The 25 porticos are Daniel Buren's artwork. They were made in 1996, just 3 years before Digimon Adventure. We can see the 25 porticos a few times in the first season when Tai's apartment is shown. We stopped there and made a million pictures and ate some onigiris on the stairs.

Near the 25 porticos, you can find the Odaiba Marine Park, which is actually shown in the forth Digimon movie (Diablomon strikes back). It's where Yolei and a lot of other people are standing and watching the fight.

Since I and my sister are both a sleepy person we decided it was time to go to one Family Mart for a coffee/cocoa. Sadly we didn't go to the famous Family Mart - the one on the Shiria crosswalk. You can see the crosswalk in the season 1, episode 21 when Ogremon comes to the real world and Tai is running around to catch him. It can also be seen in the second season and the second movie. With our coffees we went through Odaiba beach () to Dai-san Daiba - "Battery nr.3".

The Dai-san Daiba - "Battery nr.3" () is shown in both first and the second season. In the first one in episode 34, when Myotismon captures Gatomon and in the second season in episode 17, when the DigiDestined use it for a meeting place and later when Imperialdramon takes the children all around the world. It's actually a really nice little island, very greeny and I can see why the DigiDestined would meet there. It was actually really empty and even the way to get there was a little unpleasant. Long grass fighting with your legs. But it gives you a nice view on the Rainbow bridge and Fuji TV.

From there we went to search for the Odaiba Rainbow park () - it's shown in the first season where Mimi and Palmon talk to each other and they are sitting on this very interesting playground equipment in a park. For a long time, I thought that they are sitting on a bench that looks like this. So when I was in the park I was searching for the benches like this. And I didn't find any. Now I see this is a part of the playground equipments. Since I didn't take any pictures of the park (because there were a lot of children and I didn't want to look like a stalker) I can't check if this equipment they sat on was there or not. I guess I will check the next time. So I took the picture of it on the park's official website.

The next stop was Palette Town (). On the way there we went through Tokyo Teleport Town () - the bridge that got destroyed by Venommyotismon in season 1.

First we went to see the Ferris Wheel. The Wheel is shown a lot of times in season 1 and movies. It's 16 minutes long ride and you can see the whole Odaiba on it. I am scared of heights and it was a painful 16 minutes ride. I made my sister take all the pictures while on the ride.

Since it was getting dark and since we didn't eat much - except some onigiris from the shop we decided to go eat. And since I always wanted to try omurice (since the 21st episode of season 1 when Tai was preparing the omurice for Kari. And for a long time, I didn't know what they were eating. I think I even thought it was a sweet thing (like I did for onigiris). We went to the Aqua city (), which was under construction when they were making Digimon adventure. So we can see the Aqua city in episode 36, where Matt and Gabumon hide Kari from Myotismon.
So inside the Aqua city on the 5th floor, there is a restaurant called Pomu no ki and has a loooot of different omurices. We both don't eat meat and it was hard to find something without, but here they had a lot of options. I ate the basic one and my sister ate one with spinach and sour cream. They were both very delicious. Next time I will return here.

It was already dark so we decided to go back to our hostel and come here again the very next day.

The next day we decided to go to Odaiba with the metro. From Shibuya station we went on Saikyo line metro to Shin-Kiba. After 2 stops the Saikyo line becomes the Rinkai line and after 4 stops you go off the train on Kokusai-tenjijo station (if you want to go to the Tokyo Big Sight, otherwise you can go off the train already at Tokyo Teleport station).

We decided to visit Tokyo Big Sight (), which was shown a few times in season 1 alongside with the sculpture of a giant saw (Claes Oldenburg's sculpture of a giant saw plunged into the earth (titled Saw, Sawing)) in front of the Tokyo Big Sight. We can see both of them in episode 35 where Lilymon was fighting with DarkTyranomon. We can also see the inside of the building in the same episode. When Myotismon searched for the 8th DigiDestined he locked down a lot of people in the Big Sight. When we arrived there, there was an anime convention (I think). It was full of cosplayers. That's why we only checked the building from outside. I still like the interesting shape of the building. We didn't check it from all the angles, just from the "main street". I really liked the space in front of the Big sight, so big and so beautiful.

From there we went to Venus fort () in Palette Town. It was around 20 minutes walk. On our way there we crossed Akemi Bridge. And if you saw the Digimon Tri, you will recognize the place under the bridge as a meeting point between the digidestined.

Since I and my sister aren't really a shopping type of people we just walk trough the Venus fort. The shopping mall was first shown when Tai and Koromon came back to the real world (episode 21) and later on with the final battle against VenomMyotismon.You can also see the inside in the second season, episode 38, when it's Christmas time.

And for the final thing to see in Odaiba, we went to Fuji TV. On our way there we could see the Telecom center building (). We didn't go to the building but we made a few pictures from afar (the center was seen in season 1, episode 21 when Tai came back to the real world).

Fuji TV () was probably one of the best thing to see in Odaiba. It was shown, mentioned so many times in season 1 and also season 2 (it was the workplace of Matt and T.K.'s father, it's a scene of Wizardmon's death, the battle against Myotismon (even though the building is destroyed in the battle).

We didn't go all the way up (because we didn't know if we could go), but when we went upstairs to the entrance of it there was a One piece exhibition and a nice view of "the ball" (hachitama) on Fuji TV. In the night the Fuji TV (al also Ferris Wheel) has its own light show, so you can't miss the building.


Digimon stuff aside, I really liked Odaiba. It felt like the place is made for tourists. And a lot of people were having these little chihuahuas in trolleys and they were walking around. I always say when I will be older I will go live there and walk my dogs around.

Next time I will go there I will update this post with more Digimon locations. There are a few Digimon locations outside Odaiba that are worth to see too (Tokyo tower, Shinjuku, Hikarigaoka, ...).

I know I didn't write anything new in the post but I really liked writing it, because it was such a nice experience and a really good trip. And also Digimon related.

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