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My sister Mika was doing on one project (maybe she will actually finish it ;D) and she described all parts of the Digital World. She let me use it! Thank you very much <3

DigiWorld or Digital world is a new dimension where were all Digidestined taken. This world has it's own population. That are unusually, speaking creatures - Digimon. Tai and the others spent there a lot of their time!


This is probably the biggest part of the DigiWorld (if we forget about the ocean xD). It hides various secret passages, street signs, and even two special worlds - that are the Toy World and the Baby World. Most of this part is green and full of trees and flowers but there is also a river.

Some Digimon known in this place: Kuwagamon, Seadramon ...


There is also a big part of the frozen place in the Digiworld. It can be really troublesome for people and also for Digimon (they can catch a cold too! ;D). There are two different parts of this icy area. There is one where everything is frozen and another one where there is snow and cold wind!

Some Digimon known here: Frigimon, Mojyamon ...


Very hot part of Digiworld but there isn't much of it. Still, we can find some very interesting cultural monuments like pyramids in it. We have many parts of this desert area. There is one with nothing else but sand and cactuses (and ships occasionally) and another one is the one with the pyramids. There are also some villages between the desert and the forest part of the Digiworld (like Yokomon and Pagumon villages).

Some Digimon known here: Kokatorimon, Gazimon ...


In the middle of the Digiworld island is a huge mountain. There are smaller mountains all around it and if you go on top of the mountain, you have a great view on everything going on in the Digiworld. There are even some 'saunas' to be found (very hot water in the ground holes xD).

Digimon known here: Unimon ...


Since the Digital World is an island there is this coast all over it. This is a kind of an ocean cost because the island is swimming in a biiig ocean.

Digimon known here: Shellmon ...


A deep blue ocean. There's also life in it. Down deep in it there are caves in which human beings and Digimon can breathe and even go shopping! There's a 'DEJI' shop or something in one of the caves. The problem is that it is usually guarded by Drimogemon.

Digimon known here (besides Drimogemon): Whamon ...

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