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Taichi Yagami

He is the main character of the Digimon Season 1. His Digimon partner is Agumon and his crest is courage. He is also the leader of the Digidestined group. Besides that he is brave, he is also cheerful, happy, and sometimes naive too. Because of his stubbornness and his hot-tempered attitude he is fighting with Matt a lot and sometimes with someone else too.

Matt Ishida

Matt becomes Tai's best friend at the end of the first season. He is the second main character. His Digimon is Gabumon and he has a crest of friendship. Matt is the loner in the beginning and he is also very protective of his brother T.K. Many evil Digimon used his relationship with Tai (In the beginning Matt didn't like him) and control him and want him to fight with Tai and the whole group. In the end Matt realizes what friendship is.

Sora Takenouchi

She is Tai's best female friend. In the first season she is also the main female character (before Kari came). Her Digimon partner is Biyomon and she has the crest of love. Sora is very reliable and she also takes care of all other friends (for example when Kari gets sick, Sora is there to watch over her). She is a peace-maker in the group. She hates fighting and egoistic people. She wants to get along with everyone. And she is also always there for everyone. First, she thought that she doesn't deserve her crest but later she realized that everyone loved her.

Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi

Before Matt came (before Matt started to expose himself) he played the second main role in season 1. His Digimon is Tentomon and he has the crest of knowledge. Izzy is a computer expert. In many situations he uses his computer to understand the whole circumstances. When he found out that he is adopted he began to stay focused more on his computer and not his parents anymore. But that is solved when he accepted the truth and them as his true parents.

Joe Kido

Joe is the oldest child in the Digidestined group. His Digimon partner is Gomamon and he has the crest of reliability. Although he is older than everyone else he gets along with them. He's very smart and at the end of season 2 he becomes a doctor. He also has an older brother, Davis' sister had a little crush on (after Matt).

Mimi Tachikawa

She is the second girl in season 1. Her role is not the main one but more side role. Her Digimon partner is Palmon and she has the crest of sincerity (purity). Mimi is more girly than Sora (Sora is a tomboy) and Mimi acts like a real 'girly' girl (even more in the dubbed version). She is a bit spoiled, vain and she complains a lot but besides that, she is also a good, sweet, innocent, and caring person.

Takeru 'T.K.' Takaishi

T.K. is Matt's younger brother. His Digimon is Patamon and he has the crest of hope. T.K. was the youngest child of Digidestined before Kari came. Like all children his age he was often scared and cried a lot. He realized that this is not going to help him so he became braver and tried not to be such a crybaby in the end. T.K. is more like Sora, he hates fighting and arguing with other people.

Hikari 'Kari' Yagami

Kari is Tai's younger sister. She is the youngest one of the Digidestined group. Her Digimon partner is Gatomon and she has the crest of light. Before she came Sora was the main female girl but I think that Kari kind of took that from Sora and became the main female girl. Sometimes she acts as if she was the older sister from Tai and not the younger. She is more mature than T.K. She also hates fighting and arguing with other people.

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