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Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya

Davis is the new leader of the Digidestined group. He gets his goggles from Tai. Tai is also his idol (because of Kari or ...? ;D). He is in love with Kari. He is even more cheerful, happier than Tai. But just like Tai he is also stubborn. In the beginning, Davis doesn't like T.K. because he thinks that T.K. wants to steal Kari from him but later they became really close, almost best friends. (If Ken wouldn't be there, I am sure that Davis' best friend would be T.K.). Davis' Digimon partner is V-mon and his crest for Digi Armor evolutions are crests of courage and friendship.

Ken Ichijouji

Ken had a horrible experience in his childhood. His brother died and because of that he was kind of marked. When he was in the Digital World with Ryo (yeah ... I know o.o) he got infected by a Dark spore and became evil. He called himself Digimon Emperor. He was torturing all Digimon and everyone who was in the digital world. He thought that this was just a game, but when his Digimon partner Wormon died to save him, he realized that this wasn't a game and later he tried to fix all the things he had done wrong. Ken doesn't have a Digi armor evolution but he has the crest of kindness. First, all the Digimon destined except Davis didn't like him, but later they realized that he had really changed. Ken is also brave, a little shy but he is a good person. At the beginning, he didn't get along with his parents but later they did.

Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue

Yolei is the oldest person in the new Digidestined group. She is also one of the female DigiDestined. Her Digimon partner is Hawkmon and for Digi Armor evolution she has the crest of love and sincerity. Yolei is like a new Izzy version. She is also a huge Izzy fan (and Mimi and Ken too xD). She is stubborn, impulsive, and energetic too.

Iori 'Cody' Hida

Cody is the youngest child in the DigiDestined group. His Digimon partner is Armadillomon and the crests for Digi Armor evolution he needs are the crests of knowledge and reliability. Although he is the youngest he isn't a crybaby but very serious. He trains Kendo with his grandfather. His father was a policeman and he died. Already his father believed in Digimon and Oikawa (one of the main villains) was Cody's father's best friend!

Takeru 'T.K.' Takaishi

Although he was part of the DigiDestined group from season one he still is part of the new DigiDestined group. He has only one Digi armor digivolution because he has just one crest (crest of hope). He is not a crybaby anymore and he is even not that attached to Matt anymore. He really hates fighting or torturing Digimon. He attacked Digimon emperor once because of that. He was also scared for Patamon a lot because he didn't want to lose him again (his Digimon died in season 1 while defeating Devimon). In the beginning he doesn't get along with Davis well (Davis' fault) but later they become good friends. When Patamon gets a DNA digivolution with Cody's Digimon, T.K. and Cody become closer.

Hikari 'Kari' Yagami

Just like T.K. she is still one of the DigiDestined group and she still has her one crest of light for digi armor evolution. In the beginning she spends more time with T.K. (because they already knew each other for a long time) but when Gatomon gets the DNA evolution with Hawkmon she opens to the others too, especially to Yolei. She is still attached to Tai but not as much as she was in the first season. She becomes braver and more mature. She is also Davis' big crush! (<3)

Taichi 'Tai' Yagami

Tai is not the main character in season 2 anymore. He gave his leader goggles to Davis. But Tai still helps to save the Real and the Digital world with others. He doesn't have Digi Armor evolution. His crest now belongs to the main character Davis. Tai's Digimon is still Agumon and he only has the normal evolution. Later Agumon also digivolves in his Mega level although Tai doesn't have his amulet or his crest.

Yamato 'Matt' Ishida

Just like Agumon Gabumon is still Matt's Digimon partner. Matt's role in season 2 is not the main one. He still helps to save the Digital and the Real world but not that intensive as Tai. Matt has his own band (he is the singer) and probably he doesn't even have much time for that. He leaves that to the new Digidestined group. His band has already full of fans (including Davis' sister Yun). He is the cool guy in season 2.

Sora Takenouchi

Biyomon is still here! :D Sora kind of changed in the new season. In the first season, she played soccer and now she is playing tennis. Her personality changes too. She was a tomboy but now she is more girly (I think that many people never accepted that). She still helps to save both worlds but like other old DigiDestined not as much as she used to.

Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi

Izzy is still a computer expert. He still helps the new digidestined to understand the whole Digi stuff. He's the one that makes researches about the new Digi things (like D-3 digivice). Since he hasn't got the Digi Armor evolution and since there are these black dark rings and spirales Tentomon can't digivolve so they don't fight often.

Joe Kido

Like I already said, Joe is the oldest in the Digidestined group and he stays the oldest even when the second Digidestined group appeares. He studies very hard to become a doctor. His Digimon partner is still Gomamon and they fight together against other evil digimon really rarely. Just in the most dangerous situations.

Mimi Tachikawa

Mimi moved to New York so we can't see her much. She likes to travel a lot, so she usually isn't in Japan when Digidestined need her. She came sometimes to visit them and to see Palmon in the Digital world. When evil Digimon appeared in New York, she helped to gather American DigiDestined to bring the Digimon back to their world. She is still girly and she changes her style regularly (in season 2 we can see her with at least 3 different hairstyles).

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