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Digimon Adventure: 2020 Episode guide

01. Tokyo: Digital Crisis! (東京 デジタルクライシス)

Tai is preparing for the upcoming summer camp when his upstairs neighbor Koshiro Izumi (Izzy) visits him to ask him a question about the camp's club. Together they learn about how the electronic systems across Tokyo had gone haywire. The city's loop line trains where Tai's sister and mother are trapped in are under cyberattack too. To save his mother and sister Tai and his new friend Izzy run to the nearby station where Tai is transported to another world located inside the internet. There he sees wounded Koromon and when the two of them make contact Tai gains a digivice that allows Koromon to evolve to Agumon. Izzy, who also gets his own digivice, leads Tai to the horde of enemy Digimon Argomon who is responsible for the cyber attacks. Agumon tries to stop them but soon the last one evolves to his champion level. Tai and Agumon refuse to give up which makes Agumon evolve to Greymon. Greymon defeats champion level Argomon and saves the city trains from crashing. Izzy soon realizes that there is still danger since more Argomon have taken control of the United States Military's network systems, threatening the whole world. The episode ends with Tai noticing Yamato Ishida (Matt) riding Garurumon atop a huge data tower.

02. War game (ウォー・ゲーム)

Tai and Greymon are saved by Garurumon and Matt who were in the network space before Tai. Tai introduces Izzy to Matt and wants to work together to save the world from cyber-attacks. When Matt finds out that more Argomon have taken control of the United States Military's network systems and invaded the U.S. Department of Defense's computer and are trying to fire a nuclear missile at Tokyo he runs ahead of Tai to defeat the enemy. They both reach the military system in the network space as the missile is fired and are surprised by another Argomon evolution. Fighting together they manage to activate Agumon and Gabumon's Mega Level Omnimon who will try to defeat Argomon and save Tokyo from the missile.

03. And to the Digital World (そしてデジタルワールドへ)

Omnimon, together with Tai and Matt, defeats Argomon Mega level but the missile to Tokyo still doesn't stop. Tai and Matt work together and with their digivices they manage to change the trajectory of the missile away from Tokyo. The missile explodes in space and Tai and Matt are transported back to the real world. While the world is safe for now, Tai and Izzy go to summer camp where Joe and Tai's childhood friend Sora appear. When coming back from the camp the power outages in Tokyo. Izzy estimates that the Tokyo's urban functions will cease if the power outages in Tokyo continue for the next 72 hours. Tai believes they need to go to the digital world to prevent that and when their digivices start to shine Tai is transported to the Digital World and reunites with Agumon.

04. Birdramon Soars (バードラモン飛翔)

Tai comes to the Digital World where he is reunited with Agumon. The two of them come across Sora who was also sent there. Izzy who is still in the network befriends Tentomon who becomes his Digimon partner. Tai's group decide to go to a rainbow colored mountain since Tai's digivice points a beam of light to it. On their way there they come across Biyomon who is hidding from a hostile Snimon. The group manages to run away by jumping in a river. Once they get to the safety they create a raft that will take them to the mountain. On their way there they are attacked by Coelamon and the Snimon. As they are attacked Sora gains her own digivice which makes Biyomon able to evolve to Birdramon and defeat Snimon. Meanwhile Agumon evolves to Greymon and defeats Coelamon. After the fight Birdramon takes Sora, Tai and Agumon to the rainbow colored moutain which appeared to be some kind of abandoned ruins. While Izzy and Tentomon are on their way to the others they are being swallowed by Whamon.

05. Holy Digimon (聖なるデジモン)

Tai and the others are greeted by the spirit of Valdurmon who tells them a story about the old war between good and evil Digimon (between light and darkness). Valdrumon tells them about darkness rising again in the digital world and how they were chosen to stop them to save both Digital and Real world since the two worlds are connected by the network. They are told to go to the Cloud Continent and look for the Holy Digimon. Their converstaion is interrupted by an army of Dokugamon who attack them on Ogremon's order. Meanwhile Whamon, Izzy and Tentomon are attacked by a horde of Tylamon. Izzy realised that the horde is being controlled by a nearby Soundbirdmon. Tentomon trying to protect Izzy evolves into Kabuterimon and destroys the Soundbirdmon and breaks the Tylamon free from Ogremon's control. Tai's group also manages to escape Dokugamon's trap with Birdramon's help. In the end it shows Mimi holding a Digivice with Palmon by her side.

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