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Digimon Adventure 02 Episode Guide

01. Enter Flamedramon (勇気を受け継ぐ者)

Three years have passed since the Digidestined's last adventure in the Digital World. The world was saved until the Digimon Emperor came and took over it and enslaved all the Digimon he could. Tai and Agumon, both in danger call Izzy for help since Agumon can't digivolve because of the Emperor's control towers. When Izzy finds T.K. and Kari with their schoolmate Davis, who's also a big fan of Tai, he tries to explain Tai's whereabouts just as three new digivices come out of the computer. Davis and two others; Yolei and Cody became new Digidestined. Davis goes to the digital world with T.K. and Kari to save Tai. There he meets his Digimon partner who soon digivolves into Flamedramon to protect Kari from Monochromon, who is controlled by Digimon Emperor.

02. The Digiteam Complete (デジタルゲートオープン)

The next day Yolei and Cody want to go to the Digital World as soon as possible. This time Sora and Izzy come along with the new Digidestined. As soon as they get to the Digital World they're attacked by Drimogemon and Snimo. Davis and V-mon are captured, which make Yolei and Cody scared, because they were unaware of how brutal the Digital World is. The Digimon Emperor wants to put a dark ring around V-mon to control him but is saved by Hawkmon and Armadillomon, who are Yolei and Cody's Digimon partners they get in the cave together with the Digi-egg of Love and Digi-egg of Knowledge.

03. A New Digitude (デジメンタルアップ)

T.K. and Kari's Digimon are still unable to evolve. When the Digimon Emperor attacks the kids, T.K. and Kari escape while the others try to hold him at bay. They hide in a cave where they find the Digi-egg of Light and Digi-egg of Hope. Touching the eggs changes T.K. and Kari's digivice in a new shape which also make Gatomon and Patamon able to evolve. Now evolved to Nefertimon and Pegasusmon, they save the others from a swarm of Tyrannomon.

04. Iron Vegiemon (闇の王デジモンカイザー)

Gabumon is captured by controlled Redvegiemon while trying to free Gazimon from jail. He gets beaten up which sends a signal to Matt's digivice. Knowing that Gabumon is in danger, Matt and the other Digidestined go to the digital world to save him. They trick Redvegiemon to get to Gabumon , where they attack Redvegiemon and almost lose. When they crack the dark tower Gabumon is able to evolve to Garurumon who defeats the enemies. Yolei realizes that the dark towers control the dark ring and they need to be destroyed to free all the Digimon.

05. Old Reliable (ダークタワーを倒せ)

Gomamon sends a signal to Joe to help him since he's another Emperor's victim. Joe rushes to the computer room where he and the other kids go to the Digital World. There they find Gomamon buried under the snow. They decide to destroy the dark tower but Emperor realizes their plan and attacks them. Since Cody catches a cold he stays together with Joe and Gomamon who's still unable to evolve. The kids manage to defeat their enemy and destroy a dark tower just in time so that Gomamon can evolve to Ikakkumon and defeat another Emperor's minion, who was trying to kill Cody and Joe.

06. Family Picnic (危険なピクニック)

Mimi, who has just arrived from America, decides to visit the Digidestined, and together they go to the Digital World to have a picnic there. Soon she and Yolei fell in a huge hole, a trap made by Digimon Emperor. There they meet Palmon who's unable to evolve and can't protect the two of them from the Roachmon brothers who are under the Emperor's control. They trick the Roachmon brothers into cracking the dark tower which makes Palmon able to digivolve into Togemon who defeats the brothers.

07. Guardian Angel (ヒカリノキオク)

The Digidestined continue to destroy the dark towers. Whilst running away from the Guardromon, the TV that connects the real and Digital World is destroyed before Kari can escape. Davis and T.K. decide to return to the Digital World to save Kari. When they finally meet up with her, Andromon attacks, but Kari soon reminds him of their past adventures and relationship. digivice's light Andromon's dark ring is destroyed and he helps the kids destroy the dark tower in his city.

08. Ken's Secret (デジモンカイザーの孤独)

It's a big day for Davis and his Soccer team. They have a match against one of the most popular and smart boys in Tokyo - Ken. Davis doesn't stand a chance the whole game but in the end he manages to block the ball, which results in Ken hurting his ankle. Later the same day in the Digital World the Digidestined are captured by the Digimon Emperor. When Davis fights him he realizes the wound on the Emperor's ankle is the same as on Ken's. The boy everyone adores is their enemy?!

09. The Emperor's New Home (イービルリング魔力の暴走)

Ken escapes to the digital world and leaves his parents and the real world behind. He decides to go after a new digimon, Agumon. He manages to put a dark ring on him and makes him evolve into his ultimate level. But because he forced him to evolve the evolution goes wrong and Agumon evolves into SkullGreymon who goes wild.

10. The Captive Digimon (敵はメタルグレイモン)

The next day Tai and the Digidestined go to the digital world to save Agumon. Meanwhile Ken realises his dark ring isn't enough to control ultimate level Digimon so he creates a new one. Wormmon helps Agumon to escape and as soon as he's reunited with Tai, Ken attacks once again. He puts his new dark spiral on Agumon to control him, causing him to transform into Virus MetalGreymon. Before the kids can do anything, Ken and Virus MetalGreymon are long gone.

11. Storm of Friendship (青い稲妻ライドラモン)

The kids go after Ken and MetalGreymon when they find a new Digi-egg of Friendship. Everyone tries to pick it up but can't. While trying they're attacked by Flymon who manages to capture Patamon. Scared Davis doesn't want to do anything but Tentomon manages to find Garurumon who saves Patamon. When battling Virus MetalGreymon Davis realises what true friendship between Digimon and their partner looks like, which makes his digivice react to the Digi-egg of friendship. With it V-mon evolves to Raidramon and together with Garurumon they free Agumon.

12. The Good, the Bad, and the Digi (デジモン牧場の決闘)

Biyomon sends a signal to Sora's digivice and she goes to the digital world together with the Digidestined to save Biyomon. They're soon captured by Starmon, who puts them in a jail where they find Biyomon. After Starmon leaves, the Deputymon comes and free only girls to play cards with them, since he thinks the boys will cheat. Angry Starmon goes after Deputymon to fight him and meanwhile Cody and Davis manage to escape from the jail and go save the girls. They manage to destroy the dark ring on Starmon and the dark tower in the cowboy city.

13. His Master's Voice (ダゴモンの呼び声)

Kari is slowly disappearing into another world. When she disappears T.K. and Gatomon go looking for her. While Davis is trying to go to the digital world to save her, T.K. notices a gate that leads to Kari. There Pegasusmon destroys the dark tower so that Gatomon can evolve to Angewomon and defeat Airdramon, who was too powerful for Pegasusmon. The creatures that brought Kari in this world want to take her and make her their Queen, but Angewomon comes in time to save her, and together they escape.

14. The Samurai of Sincerity (疾風のシュリモン)

The Digidestined go in the digital world to search for a new Digi-egg. They come across a restaurant where they eat and don't have the money to pay for the meal. Fortunately Mimi and her friend from America Michael came in time to pay the bill and save the day. Out of nowhere Gorillamon attacks them and Michael's Digimon evolves into Seadramon to defeat him. The owner of the restaurant, Digitamamon becomes very angry since the dark spiral is stuck in his shell. When he pushes Mimi Yolei gets angry and activates the Digi-Egg of Sincerity which makes Hawkmon evolve to Shurimon and destroy the dark spiral.

15. Big Trouble in Little Edo (シュリモン武芸帳)

The Digidestined go to the digital world where they travel to an Ancient Japanese-like town where Ninjamon fights Shurimon to prove he's the best Ninja. The Digidestined meet up with Gekomon and their master ShogunGekomon, who gets a dark spiral around him. Digidestined hide in the tunnel under the city and trick ShogunGekomon to destroy the dark tower and with it the power of the dark spiral.

16. 20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea (サブマリモン海底からの脱出)

Searching for the new digi-egg, the Digidestined get trapped in an oil platform controlled by MegaSeadramon. Since Cody's afraid of water the others make him to go out for help to overcome the fear. Soon he comes back with Joe and they find the new digi-egg, which Cody refuses to take, since he feels he doesn't deserve it. Joe talks to him and encourages him to take it and with the help of the digi-egg of reliability, Armadillomon evolves to Submarinemon and together with Ikakkumon free MegaSeadramon and gives Cody a tour under the sea.

17. Ghost of a Chance (お台場メモリアル)

On the first August, three years ago the old Digidestined went to the digital world for the first time. Every year they have a memorial day on August the first. This year the new Digidestined are invited as well. On the TV station and the cameras, a ghost starts to appear, which makes everyone scared. The Digidestined go to the station, to the platform where Gatomon realizes the ghost is his friend Wizardmon who gave his life to protect Gatomon and Kari from Myotismon three years ago. Before he goes he tells the Digidestined how to defeat the Digimon Emperor.

18. Run Yolei Run (カイザーの基地を追え!)

The Digidestined decide to stay in the digital world till they find Digimon Emperor and defeat him. Tai, Izzy, and Matt set up a camp so the parents of the new Digidestined wouldn't be suspicious. In the digital world, Yolei's recklessness almost gets Hawkmon killed. Because he's hurt Yolei and Kari decide to stay behind while the others go ahead and search for the Emperor's base. Meanwhile the Emperor is creating a powerful Digimon from the body parts of the other Digimon.

19. An Old Enemy Returns (合成魔獣キメラモン)

T.K. and Cody manages to sneak in Emperor's base where T.K. fights him, because seeing Devimon in base's dark whirlpool made T.K. really angry, because he remembered what Devimon did to Patamon three years ago. Before the fight could end Emperor sets his new powerful digimon Kimeramon on the Digidestined and they have to escape.

20. The Darkness Before Dawn (超絶進化! 黄金のマグナモン)

The Digidestned once again sneak into Emperor's base where they fight Kimeramon, who is too powerfull for them. When they almost give up Wormmon leads Davis and V-mon to the powerful source in the base - the digi-egg of kindness. With the help of the digi-egg V-mon's able to evolve into his golden armor evolution - Magnamon.

21. The Crest of Kindness (サヨナラ、賢ちゃん…)

Magnamon and Kimeramon fights. When Wormmon realizes he needs to do something to change Emperor to his old self he gives all his power to Magnamon so that he could defeat Kimeramon and protect Ken. Magnamon destroys Kimeramon. When Ken sees Wormmon dying he realizes the digital world is real and Wormmon will die just like his older brother Sam. Before Ken all depressed because losing Wormmon wanders off, Davis gives him the crest of kindness and tells him to go home. The Digidestined also go back to the camp where Izzy, Matt, Tai, and Davis' sister are waiting for them.

22. Davis Cries Wolfmon (豪勇進化! エクスブイモン)

The Digidestined go back to the digital world to repair and rebuild it. There Davis wants to impress Kari and wants V-mon to evolve into a digimon who'll look like an angel just like Angemon and Angewomon do. Davis' tricks doesn't work until he manages to make Tortomon angry who then chases them across the land. When Davis being in danger for real V-mon manages to evolve into X-V-mon who drives Tortomon away.

23. Genesis of Evil (デジヴァイスが闇に染まる時)

Ken has been sleeping since he came back from the digital world. He's thinking about his older brother Sam who died in a car accident. Thinking about his past, digivice and everything he has done to the digimon. An email on his computer leads him to the digital world where he searches for Wormmon. In the Primary Village, the place where the digimon babies are, Ken finds Leafmon who's Wormmon's baby form. Together they go back to the real world.

24. If I had a Tail Hammer (大地の装甲アンキロモン)

Ken gets a visit from a strange woman who won't tell her name but tells him he failed as an Emperor. The Digidestined go back to the digital world to rebuild it again and find out their digimon can't evolve naturally anymore. Cody is attacked by Thundermon which makes Armadillomon evolve to Ankylomon to protect him. Then a mysterious Digimon destroys Thundermon and disappears together with Ken. Cody also realises the dark tower that was there not so long ago is now gone.

25. Spirit Needle (大空の騎士アクィラモン)

The mysterious woman comes again and creates a Digimon out of the dark tower. Davis is the only one who believes Ken has changed for real, the others are still not so sure. They get a message from the digital world that Digimon Golemon wants to destroy the dam. The Digidestined try to stop him but can't. Stingmon; Wormmon's evolution comes for help. Palmon who witnessed how Golemon was made tells the kids he's not a real Digimon and is made of the dark tower. Yolei realizes Ken has truly changed which makes Hawkomon evolve into Aquilamon. He and Stingmon together defeat Golemon.

26. United We Stand (ジョグレス進化 今、心をひとつに)

The Digidestined are back in the digital world to repair the damage. They talk about letting Ken in their group but some are still unsure if Ken has changed. Izzy emails Cody about a strange energy from Emperor's base and how they need Ken's crest to prevent his base to explode. Davis emails Ken to ask for help. The others aren't sure if he's going to show up but Davis believed in him. When he comes he wants to go in alone but Davis isn't letting him. They start to argue about friendship and him coming to the group which leads to Stingmon and X-V-mon's DNA evolution.

27. Fusion Confusion (無敵合体! パイルドラモン)

The Digidestined and Ken go in the base while Paildramon; the DNA evolution between Stingmon and X-V-mon is battling Okuwamon. The kids find the hole where they put Ken's crest but the explosions don't stop. They follow the pipes which lead them to the reactor that needs to be destroyed. Paildramon defeat Okuwamon and comes just in time to destroy the reactor as well. Ken goes home while the others go to Izzy's place where he tells them about DNA evolution and why their Digimon can't evolve to ultimate anymore.

28. The Insect Master's Trap (昆虫使いの罠!!)

Arukerimon, the mysterious woman sends an email to the Digidestined and Ken to go to the Giga house. Since they know it's probably a trap Davis and Ken go inside with Cody following them. Everything in the house is so huge. They're soon attacked by insects Digimon which also make T.K., Kari, and Yolei go in the house. Arukerimon stars to play on a flute which makes Stingmon and Digmon evil. Digmon drills a hole in where Davis, Ken, and Cody are hiding which makes them fall on the Dokugumon's web.

29. Arukenimon's Tangled Web (アルケニモン 蜘蛛女のミス)

Davis, Ken and Cody manage to escape from Dokugumon's web. They email Yolei to create a counter-song which will make the digimon back to normal. Yolei with T.K. and Kari's help manages to do so. Stingmon and Digmon are back to normal which makes Arukenimon very angry so that she decides to show the Digidestined her true form. And just as they would manage to defeat her a new digimon named Mummymon comes and saves her.

30. Ultimate Anti-Hero (暗黒究極体ブラックウォーグレイモン)

Arukenimon and Mummymon create a new digimon out of 100 dark towers. The new digimon called BlackWarGreymon is very powerful. Ken again leaves the group since he and Cody can't get along. Yolei soon brings Ken back to the group because they need his help since BlackWarGreymon is too strong for them. Even when BlackWarGreymon defeats the Digidestined he refuses to kill them and tells Arukenimon and Mummymon to find him a better opponent.

31. Opposites Attract (愛の嵐シルフィーモン)

Because the Digidestined aren't powerful enough to defeat BlackWarGreymon they decide to go look for Gatomon's holy ring which will make her power increase a little. Kari and Yolei split from the group and meet Ken on their search. Together they find themselves in another dimension - the dark ocean. Yolei couldn't feel what Ken and Kari were feeling. Arukerimon uses the opportunity and sends Blossomon on them. Yolei makes Kari snap out of it and together they make their Digimon Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA evolve into Silphymon who saves the day.

32. If I Only had a Heart (謎の遺跡ホーリーストーン)

BlackWarGreymon is confused about his life, his creation. Arukerimon and Mummymon are searching for the Destiny stones to destroy them to bring a great catastrophe upon the digital world. They found one and create Knightmon in order to destroy the Destiny stone. When hurting it a little BlackWarGreymon could sense it and he leaves Agumon, with who he was talking to, behind. The Digidestined tried to protect the stone but BlackWarGreymon comes and destroys the stone and Knightmon.

33. A Chance Encounter (今日のミヤコは京の都)

While Yolei is in Kyoto on her school trip another Destiny stone is destroyed by BlackWarGreymon. Yolei while having fun in Kyoto sees BlackWarGreymon and a few other Digimon in the real world. She meets up with Joe's brother and Sora's father who study Digimon. Ken also comes to Kyoto to bring Poromon to Yolei so he could evolve and defeat Musyamon. When Ken goes back to the digital world he takes Apemon with himself. And Yolei with her computer sends the rest Digimon back to the digital world.

34. Destiny in Doubt (ホーリーポイントを守れ)

When BlackWarGreymon destroys the third destiny stone he sees a digimon he believes is his worthy opponent. The kids want to find the next destiny stone before him. To protect the destiny stone the Digidestined fight with BlackWarGreymon but aren't a match for him. Angemon evolves into MagnaAngemon to defeat him but even he couldn't. They couldn't stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying the fourth destiny stone.

35. Cody Takes a Stand (爆進! ブラックウォーグレイモン)

Once again BlackWarGreymon destroys another destiny stone. The kids return back to the real world where Cody visits Matt who tells him the story about Angemon and Devimon from three years ago so that he would understand T.K.'s anger. The next day the kids go back to the digital world to protect another destiny stone hidden under the water. BlackWarGreymon manages to discover it and just when he wants to destroy it Cody stands up against him. Angemon saves Cody in time, but yet another destiny stone is destroyed.

36. Stone Soup (鋼の天使シャッコウモン)

The Digidestined go to another restaurant in the digital world. There they meet Arukerimon and Mummymon who want to know the soup recipe. The two of them escape, but the Digimon don't have the strength to evolve so they stop on a quick meal. In the forest Mummymon finds a pond with a soup and drinks out of it even if there's a sign that says not to. Out of the pond the last destiny stone comes up. BlackWarGreymon and the Digidestined come to the show and since they all know they need to protect the last destiny stone Ankylomon and Angemon DNA evolve into Shakkoumon.

37. Kyoto Dragon (巨大究極体チンロンモン)

BlackWarGreymon wants to destroy the last destiny stone but all the three DNA evolutions are holding him back. The kids have the idea to move the destiny stone somewhere save with their D-3 digivices but instead they summon Azulongmon, the digimon they already saw before, when BlackWarGreymon was destroying the stones. BlackWarGreymon attacks Azulongmon thinking he's the enemy he's waiting for but is soon shown off which makes him leave. Azulongmon warns the kids about their true enemy.

38. A Very Digi-Christmas (ホーリーナイト デジモン大集合!)

It's Christmas time and the new Digidestined bring the old Digidestined's digimon partner to the real world. Ken throws a Christmas party for the new group. Meanwhile Tai and the others go to Matt's concert when suddenly a digimon and a dark tower appear. Tai calls Kari for help. The group come and destroy the dark tower so that the old digimon can evolve, defeat the digimon and send them back to the digital world. The next morning when Davis watches TV he sees the dark towers appeared all around the world.

39. Dramon Power (全員出動! インペリアルドラモン)

The Digidestined except Davis and Ken meet up at Izzy's house. Davis goes to Tamatchi, a place where Ken lives to help him battle the Digimon. At Izzy's house he calls up Gennai through the computer who shows them a sphere that Azulongmon gave him which gives them the power to evolve to the ultimate level again. The power also comes to the Paildramon, who was at Tamatchi fighting Triceramon with which he evolves to Imperialdramon who defeats Triceramon. The kids need to go around the world to destroy the dark towers just like Imperialdramon did in Japan. With his help they split up and go around the world.

40. Digimon World Tour, Part 1 (ニューヨーク香港大混戦!)

Davis meets up with Mimi and Michael in New York. They meet with one of the Gennai's clone Benjami who's there to help. The American Digidestined help Davis to collect all the Digimon there and send them back to the digital world. Meanwhile Kari is in Hong Kong together with Izzy. There they meet up with Hoi brothers who all like Kari very much. There's also Jacky who's another Gennai's clone. They safely cross the Indian border which is guarded by the army and send the Digimon back to the digital world.

41. Digimon World Tour, Part 2 (サンゴとベルサイユ大乱戦!)

Joe, Cody, and Hogan, another Gennai's clone, are in Australia where it's really sunny and warm. They go after dark tower with Derek's help who is Australian Digidestined. They still need to fight Scorpiomon after they took the dark tower down. With Derek's Digimon Crabmon they manage to defeat him and send all the water Digimon back to where they belong. Meanwhile in Paris, Tai and T.K. meet up with T.K.'s grandfather who goes to the Palace of Versailles when he notices something is wrong there. There they find Digidestined Catherine who's captured by Mamemon, Bigmamemon, and Metalmamemon. Agumon and Patamon together with Floramon, Catherine's Digimon, evolve, and destroy the dark tower and send all the Digimon back to the digital world.

42. Digimon World Tour, Part 3 (恋とボルシチ大激戦!)

Jose, another Gennai's clone meets up with Ken and Matt at the entrance of the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, where he distracts the guards so that Ken and Matt could go inside. In there they meet Digidestined Rosa who seemed to have a crush on Ken. She's there with her Digimon partner Gotsumon. Wormmon doesn't like Rosa because being protective of Ken but when they have to fight against Minotarumon and Dokugumon they team up. In Russia Yolei and Sora have a little problem communicating with the Digidestined there. With their own language they manage to communicate and defeat the Digimon there and in Siberia where Illya (Gennai's clone) sends them. After finishing battling Imperialdramon comes with the others and sends the Digimon back.

43. Invasion of the Daemon Corps (デーモン軍団の襲来)

The Digidestined are back in Japan where the kids are mysteriously disappearing. Ken is reminded of his past which he has been trying very hard to forget. New digimon come to the real world and one of them is SkullSatamon, who is Daemon's follower. The digimon give their power so that Imperialdramon could defeat SkullSatamon. With their power Imperialdramon evolves into Fighter mode and defeats him.

44. Dark Sun, Dark Spore (暗黒デジモンとの死闘)

Ken was taken as a hostage by Arukenim and Yukio Oikawa. He tells him about the dark spore he has and duplicates it and implants it in the missing children. Davis and Wormmon go after the truck where Ken is. Yolei, Kari go fighting Lady Devimon and when they killed her they feel really bad. Meanwhile Cody and T.K. go after MarineDevimon and defeat him. When Davis finally catches up with the truck the evil Digimon Daemon appears and intercepts their way.

45. The Dark Gate (暗黒のゲート)

Deamon wants Ken because of his dark spore and Oikawa hands him to Deamon, because he has no use from him anymore. Davis interrupts them and not so long after the other Digidestined come to protect Ken as well. They decide to send Deamon to a place from where he can never return - the dark ocean. Ken opens the gate to the darkness with his D-3 digivice and with the Digidestined's help he overcomes over his fear of the darkness.

46. Duel of the WarGreymon (ブラックウォーグレイモンVSウォーグレイモン)

Oikawa returns the kids back home and they become really smart and evil. The BlackWarGreymon comes back to the real world to confront Oikawa who tells him he's his creator. BlackWarGreymon tries to kill him but is stopped by WarGreymon. They begin to fight, but when Agumon and Wormmon try to befriend him BlackWarGreymon runs away to think about everything that happened that day.

47. BlackWarGreymon's Destiny (ブラックウォーグレイモンの封印)

Cody learns the truth about his father who was Oikawa's best friend and the one who tried to find the gate to the digital world together with Oikawa. Cody, his grandfather face Oikawa and ask him to stop with the evil. Oikawa takes the spore out of one kid Noriko, who was followed by Ken. The evil overtakes Oikawa once again and when he tries to kill Cody and his grandfather BlackWarGreymon comes and takes the hit. Knowing he's dying he uses his last power to seal the gate between the digital and real world.

48. Oikawa's Shame (恐怖! ベリアルヴァンデモン)

Oikawa together with the children want to go to the digital world. He opens the gate but doesn't know that the gate between the real world and the digital world was sealed by BlackWarGreymon. They end up in a strange world where Oikawa shows his true self. He was controlled by an evil digimon, Gatomon's very familiar with - Myotismon. He shows up in a new shape as MaloMyotismon. The world they're in is full of fear and despair and because Arukenimon and Mummymon feared for their lives MaloMyotismon kills them.

49. The Last Temptation of the DigiDestined (最後のアーマー進化)

MaloMyotismon sends the Digidestined into an illusion where they see their hopes and dreams. Davis is the only one who could see MaloMyotismon's plan and his only wish becomes X-V-mon to become stronger so that he could defeat the enemy. Davis guides the rest of the Digidestined out of their illusions. The Digidestined follows Davis' steps and wish for their Digimon to become powerful enough to defeat MaloMyotismon. When their Digimon evolve into all their evolution they attack MaloMyotismon who's blown into the digital world where he uses all the darkness to get more powerful.

50. A Million Points of Light (ぼくらのデジタルワールド)

MaloMyotismon floods the real and the digital world with the darkness. Davis refuses to give up and starts talking about his dreams for the future and when the other Digidestined and children with dark spores start to talk about their dreams and hopes MaloMyotismon weakens. Everyone gives Imperialdramon the power to defeat MaloMyotismon with his Giga Crusher attack. Oikawa still in the world of dream dimension uses the rest of his power to restore the digital world to its previous state. 25 years later all the Digidestined are now all grown up with the kids who now protect the digital world with their Digimon partners.

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