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01. Reunion (再会)

Before Tai's soccer game Kuwagamon appeared in the real world causing troubles around the city. Since Tai was too afraid of Kuwagamon destroying the city he followed him around. Just as Tai is cornered, his digivice shines his Digimon partner Agumon appears, digivolves to Greymon and fights with Kuwagamon. The two of them are transferred to Haneda airport where they continue to fight. Tai and the other DigiDestined children and their Digimon partners are also driven to the airport by members of the Incorporated Administrative Agency where they managed to send Kuwagamons back to the Digital world.

The DigiDestined believed that Kuwagamon's appearance is caused by distortions in space which is later confirmed by Tai and Matt's substitute teacher Nishijima who is also a member of the Incorporated Administrative Agency.

The next day Izzy gives Tai a googles he made the night before - a goggles that can show you the distortions in space. While riding the Ferris Wheel and searching for distortions a mysterious Digimon Alphamon appears targeting Meiko's Digimon partner Meicoomon. As Alphamon is too strong for the DigiDestined Matt urges Tai to overcome his fears so they can fight Alphamon together. With the power of Omnimon they manage to drive Alphamon off. Afterward Meiko reveals that she is also a Digidestined and introduces her Digimon partner.

02. Determination (決意)

The movie starts with DigiDestined (together with Meiko and without Joe) celebrating Meiko as a new member of their group by going to the hot spring inn. After the trip Ogremon appears in the real world facing soldiers with their new experimental weapons but luckily for him Leomon takes him back to the digital world.

As Mimi with the help of Meiko prepares for a cheer girl cafe for the upcoming school festival, Ogremon appears nearby. Mimi tries to defeat Ogremon even though Izzy told her to wait for the others since she sees this as a great opportunity to show the world, not all Digimon are dangerous and evil. Her plan fails when Togemon unintentionally damages a helicopter with reporters. Izzy, now angry at Mimi tells her she is selfish and she made more damages for not listening to him.

As Mimi laments her selfishness, she hears from Joe that he is avoiding all the battles because he is trying to cope with growing up. He asks himself why does he need to fight and why is he chosen as one of the DigiDestined, because he would like to live a normal life. Because of this Gomamon decides to run away from home to Izzy who receives an email in digital code.

On the day of the school festival while Mimi and Meiko are working in their cheer girl cafe, Digimon sneaks into the festival to try to win a costume contest for free food. Afterward, Gomamon tells Joe that he ran away because he refused to fight together anymore, causing Joe to angrily storm off.

Meicoomon is abducted by Digimon Emperor while waiting for Himekawa. Palmon, Gomamon, and Leomon follow them into the digital distortion. While fighting an infected Imperialdramon, Kari tells Joe Gomamon needs him to fight with him since he is his Digimon partner. After overcoming his insecurities, Joe manages to digivolve Gomamon into Vikemon alongside Mimi who digivolves Palmon into Rosemon.

After defeating Imperialdramon and becoming Meicoomon back it changes form, destroys Leomon, and vanishes into another distortion.

03. Confession (告白)

While malfunctions begin to disrupt airlines, Izzy works all day and night on finding what caused Meicoomon to become infected. Later when Joe and T.K. visit Izzy T.K. notices that something is wrong with Patamon who becomes hostile and even bites T.K.. He realizes Patamon is infected and takes him home to prevent other Digimon from getting infected too. Patamon asks T.K. to finish him off if he becomes hostile and attacks them.

The next day Digimon meet up and Patamon informs the rest of the group about his infection. Kari becomes possessed by Homeostasis who warns them that the infected Digimon could destroy the real and the digital world. Himekawa who heard everything concludes that Homeostasis might trigger a reboot to reset the digital world the next time Meicoomon appears, in order to stop the infection. Gatomon explains to everyone if this reboot is going to happen they will all lose their memories and forget about their partners. Everyone preparing for this to happen they go spend some more time together with their partners. Agumon and Tentomon tell Tai and Izzy about the reboot so Izzy could make a counter plan.

Meicoomon reappears at the Tokyo Big Sight and the DigiDestined and their Digimon partners try to keep Meicoomon in a digital distortion which only makes Meicoomon digivolve to Meicrackmon. Even though T.K. doesn't want Patamon to fight he evolves to Angemon to try to help others but his infection soon overcomes him and spreads to the other Digimon. When the countdown for the reboot begins Izzy informs others their Digimon must be placed within a field containing their backup data in order to preserve their memories. Tentomon who is now the only one not infected evolves to HerculesKabuterimon and tries to help his friends go into the distortion before the reboot occurs.

One week later T.K. finds the truth about Meiko knowing the state of Meicoomon and asks her to come to the digital world with them to which she refuses. Using the power of their crests they travel to the rebooted digital world where they meet up with their Digimon partners who have no memories of them. In the distance we can see Himekawa talking to the Digimon Emperor who changes form to someone who resembles Gennai but in a black outfit.

04. Loss (喪失)

While DigiDestined are trying to reconnect with their Digimon partners they come across Meicoomon who still remembers Meiko despite the reboot. Even though Digimon don't remember them they get along very well just Sora has some troubles to reconnect with Biyomon. When Tai and Matt try to console Sora because of it they are attacked by Machinedramon whose attack disperses the DigiDestined around the digital world.

Meanwhile in the real world Nishijima investigates Meiko and Himewaka's disappearance. He finds some files on Himewaka's computer and remembers about the reboot plan she had in the past to revive her Digimon partner Megadramon, who was unable to recompose into a Digi-egg since his death was a sacrifice. Nishijima meets Hackom who warns him about the King Drasil who corrupted Gennai and is targeting Libra - Meicoomon.

Sora wakes up in the desert with Biyomon. While searching for others they find Meiko who came to the digital world to find her Digimon partner. Meicoomon appears and attacks them out of resentment but Meiko manages to placate her just before they are attacked by Gennai who tries to capture Meicoomon and Sora's digivice. The distortions help other DigiDestined to come to help. Gennai reveals that the reboot was actually part of King Drasil's plan to create a new world where humans and Digimon would no longer interact with each other. He sends Machinedramon and MetalSeadramon after them.

Himekawa reunites with Tapirmon but because of the reboot he doesn't recognize her at all. While Tai, Matt, and Kari are attacked by MetalSeadramon their bonds with their Digimon partners grow stronger so their Digimon manages to evolve and defeat MetalSeadramon. Meanwhile Sora is risking her life to help and protect Biyomon. which cause Biyomon to evolve to Phoenixmonand defeat Machinedramon together with Seraphimon and HerculesKabuterimon.

Meiko now alone is attacked by Gennai. He tortures Meiko in order to get Meicoomon angry because he knows his anger will cause the world's destruction.

05. Coexistence (共生)

Meicoomon digivolves to Meicrackmon and leaves the digital world through a distortion. Hackmon once again meets with Nishijima and Meiko's father professor Mochizuki and explains them that Meicoomon is possessing overwhelming power that can be a threat to both worlds. Since Meiko was supposed to suppress the darkness in Meicoomon but she couldn't do it the Homeostasis decides she needs to be eliminated because of the damage she can cause.

The Digidestined return to the real world where they are seen with their Digimon and are being persecuted by the people. Nishijima helps them to hide in Tai's high school to avoid the media. The children try to console Meiko and spend the night in the high school.

The next day when Jesmon attacks Meicrackom who evolves to Raguelmon the children are warned by Homeostasis to not interfere with the fight. Jesmon takes Raguelmon back to the digital world and the DigiDestined together with Nishijima follow them. In the digital world Alphamon joins the fight. Since all the Digimon evolve back to their in training levels only Omnimon is left to fight with Alphamon while Jesmon fights Raguelmon. Meanwhile Himekawa is shown searching for Tapirmon but instead she finds herself in the Dark ocean where she seemingly drowns.

Meiko, being desperate asks others to destroy Raguelmon since it's only getting worse and it doesn't seem like they can save Meicoomon at all. Even though the others don't agree with it Tai resolves to carry out her wish. During the battle, a fissure opens causing Tai to fall from a cliff together with Nishijima who tries to save him.

Kari becomes engulfed in corrupted digital code because she thought Tai died and that cause Nyaromon to digivolve to Ophanimon Falldown Mode, creating a dark portal where Ophanimon merges with Raguelmon into Ordinemon.

06. Future (ぼくらの未来)

Digidestined return to the Real-world believing Tai is actually dead. Tai and Nishijima wake up in a facility where Nishijima confesses that Davis, Ken, Cody, and Yolei were captured when they discovered King Drasil's plan. Evil Gennai appears and stops the life support system for Davis and company. Since there is only one capsule left Gennai forces Tai to choose between one of them escaping back to the real world with the others or dying in the facility when explodes. While Tai is searching for a third solution Nishijima sends him to check up the left capsule, locks him in, and sends him and the rest back to the real world before the explosion.

Hackomon informs the DigiDestined about Homeostasis' plan to reboot the digital technology in the real world to stop Ordinemon. Since this would bring the world into a crisis the DigiDestined don't agree and try to defeat Ordinemon once again. Meiko and the others lure Ordinemon to the sea to cause less damage while Kari has a vision of Gatamon inside Ordinemon who explains to her that all light resides in Meicoomon.

With the help of Kari's vision, Izzy discovers that memories from all of their Digimon are stored inside Meicoomon which explains why she was the only one who still remembered Meiko after the reboot. Meiko unlocks memories sealed inside Meicoomon and all the Digimon start to remember the time before the reboot. Because of it Gatomon separates from Ordinemon. Hackmon stops the reboot but the Meicoomon still doesn't come back. Tai decides that they need to destroy Ordinemon for the better future and Meiko's digivice awakens Omnimon's Merciful mode who destroys Ordinemon together with Meicoomon. Gennai leaves the real world through the distortion.

Afterward Meiko moves back to Tottori and Homeostasis shuts down King Drasil. Izzy manages to create a gate to the digital world that can be used even without the D-3s. Three months later on Christmas Eve Tai calls Meiko to check if the Christmas gift from them to her arrived and to tell her (with Agumon's help) they will always be friends.

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