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Japanese school system

Since we see a lot of DigiDestined's Junior High school in Odaiba, here you can read about the Japanese school system and DigiDestined's school from Odaiba they go to.

(Japanese School System)

Elementary school begins when the children are 6 years old and ends when they are 12. Elementary and Junior High schools are compulsory education but high school is not. In my country it's pretty much the same but we don't have the Junior High school - we have elementary school till we are 14 and than high schools for 4 years. Some characteristics:

Children who have their 6th birthday on or before April 1 enter the first grade of the elementary school of that year.
School year starts in April and ends in March.
For Japanese nationals, six years at elementary school and three years at junior high school (total nine years) are compulsory.
Although foreign nationals are not subject to Japanese compulsory education, they may enter local elementary/junior high schools if they wish.
Some public elementary, junior high or high schools have developed an environment to accept foreign nationals and/or Japanese children returning from abroad. Contact the municipal office in the ward (or city, town or village) where you reside for more information.
After graduating from junior high school, children may choose to continue their education to high school and then to university or to find employment.
Elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, technical colleges, junior colleges, universities, and graduate schools in Japan are national, public, or private institutes. (Tokyo ICC)

Odaiba Junior High school

It's the school the DigiDestined children go to. In the first season the school's front is actually never shown. But the backyard where Sora and Tai had their soccer training looks the same as the only elementary/high school they have in Odaiba - Kōyō Junior High School. The school was built in the year 1996. You can see the backyard of the school right before entering the Rainbow bridge or Yurikamome bridge and it looks pretty much the same.

In the second season, their school is shown more and it doesn't look like the one they have in Odaiba. The entrance and the crosswalk are similar a little bit but everything else is not. At least not in the series. In the fourth movie and also in the Digimon Tri the school looks exactly like the one in Odaiba. The school has a blue sign next to its name and we can see the same sign in the fourth movie/Digimon Tri. So maybe they change the look of the school for the series for some other "privacy like" reasons.

Otherwise, the school looks really big with a lot of outside space. I was always curious how the DigiDestined can use the computer room all the time and how besides them no one uses it because it's always empty. I always liked how the children had to wear different shoes inside the school - in my country, it's actually very rare to have a wardrobe or to have your own locker for your stuff, shoes. In my high school we had the locker and we had to wear inside shoes but I think this was the only high school that has that. My sister's high school didn't have anything at all.

I was always a fan of school uniforms because we don't have this system in my country and I find it very interesting that they also wear the same clothes for their gym classes. I also liked the school's roof which is shown in Digimon Tri. A nice place to hang out. If you check the school's picture you will see it looks like any other normal school. Full of children learning new things. You can even see the professor from the first and second season who didn't change much.

To check where exactly this school is in Odaiba, click here!

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