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Season 01 - Plot

The story begins on August 1999 in Japan. Seven (later eight) children (that are main characters) get transported to another dimension. And that's the Digital World. All of them also get their own Digimon partner (those interesting speaking creatures). They get to know each other really well, they also become best friends. First Digidestined and their Digimon are trying to save the Digital world from the evil Digimon Devimon, their first major Villain. When they defeat him, they think they've saved the world but that's only the beginning. They get a new villain Etemon, which gets 'killed' after a few episodes by evil Datamon's virus. This virus also took Tai back to his house where he met his little sister Kari (who later became a DigiDestined too). But soon Tai must go back to the Digital World, because Agumon realizes that his place is in the Digital world and not in the real one. When he comes back, all of the DigiDestined were separated (because of the different reasons). Tai finds T.K. and than Matt, Joe, Mimi, Izzy, and in the end Sora.

And then there comes a new villain, Myotismon. They defeat him in the real world. In that time Kari becomes the eight DigiDestined. But Myotismon is not really dead, so he transforms into Megamyotismon. This is when Agumon and Gabumon digivolve to their Mega level and defeat him.

Now they think it's finally over but they need to go to the Digital world again and defeat the four Dark Masters. First they defeat Megaseadramon, than MachineDramon, Puppetmon, and in the end their boss Piedmon. And the final villain is Apokarimon. He crashes their crests but Digidestined defeat him by believing in them and their friends.
In the end they take a photo together, go back in the Real world and leave their Digimon in the Digital world.

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