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Season 02 - Plot

This season is the continuing of the first season. Characters are the same (but they are not main anymore) and there are also new ones. Their first enemy in the beginning is a so-called Digimon Emperor who is making life miserable for Digimons in the Digiworld. The new Digidestined get their own Digimon and the Digi-eggs. They can digivolve to Armor-level with them. Digimon Emperor made some Digimon in the Digiworld evil with the help of the dark rings and Digidestined have to crush the rings to beat the enemy. Their biggest one is the evil Kimeramon, who was artificially made by the Emperor (he put parts of different Digimon together). Digidestined have many problems defeating him. But in the end, they manage to do it. Digimon Emperor realizes this was not just a game, but it's all real. He changes back into Ken (that's his real name). Then new villains appear. Arachimon and Mummymon are working for Oikawa, a man who was so obsessed with the Digital world that in the end he risks everything and becomes evil just to go in the Digital world. When he finally gets there (together with the main DigiDestined and some kidnapped children) they realize that there is something wrong with the world they've come to. From Oikawa's mouth appears Malomyotismon, who was actually the main villain from the beginning. They defeat him with the help of other children and with their purity in their hearts. Oikawa dies when he finally gets his own Digimon - he sacrifices himself to make the Digital world beautiful again.

25 (in 2027) year later, we can see all the DigiDestined grown-up.
Tai became United Nations Diplomat for the Digital World and he has one son (mother is unknown).
Matt became an astronaut. He and Gabumon even made it to the Mars! He is married to Sora and he has one son and one daughter.
Sora is Matt's wife with two children and she became a fashion designer.
Mimi became a chef who has her own cooking show. Palmon helps her with that. She also has one son.
Joe became a doctor for Digimon and has one son.
Izzy has one daughter and he studies even more about Digital World with his own team.
Davis opened his own noodle cart and he became really famous. He has one son.
Kari became a kindergarten teacher and she has one son (I don't really know which gender it is xD).
Yolei became a housewife and she takes care of her three children. She is married to Ken.
Ken became a private investigator and he has three kids with his wife Yolei.
T.K. became a novelist. He writes about the adventures they had in the Digital World. He has one son.
Cody became a high-class defense lawyer and he has one daughter.

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