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Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Story

Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Story is a short series to Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. It's a five-part prequel mini-series focusing on side stories.

01. To Sora (空へ)

The first of the five mini stories is named To Sora with Sora as a main character. Izzy texts Sora about the Digital Gate that has been detected near Shibuya. Sora who is preparing flowers for her upcoming flower arrangement is informed by Biyomon about the text but she ignores Biyomon and tells her to stop annoying her. Later she checks the DigiDestined group chat to see everyone is safe even without her help. Mimi calls Sora since she doesn't reply to any of the messages in the group chat wondering how she is. Sora explains to Mimi that she is preparing flowers for her mother's display and she doesn't want to embarrass her. That's why she is bussy and never shows up even though she is nearby. Mimi tells Sora it's the same with her since she is always abroad. Mimi explains her plans for the future and the two of them talk about other DigiDestined's future plans. They are both happy that they all are walking their own paths, whilst Mimi says it was their destiny to become the Digidestined, though it wasn't their fate. Mimi encourages Sora to spread her wings freely as the group will stand by her no matter what. After the call, Biyomon gives Sora flowers to cheer her up. This makes Sora to tears who hugs Biyomon and explains how she just wants to be Sora, a normal girl and not a DigiDestined or the daughter of a flower arrangement grandmaster. Biyomon tells her to fly high and she will always be there to fly with her. After she submits her flower piece for the exhibit she decides she will walk her own path and no longer participate in battles.

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