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About the site

This is a Taiora and Daikari page. It's my first finished page. I opened the site in May 2007. One year later I bought the eternal-dream.com domain. At the beginning, this page was on the main page of eternal-dream.com (index), but because I and my sister started doing fanlistings and other projects, we decided to move TDpage to another URL address. I had the domain for a long time, but we weren't happy with the name of it so we moved to kiwimon.com and later to kuramonster.com.

My mother language isn't English, so there could be some language mistakes (If there are any horrible mistakes please let me know!) - and I'm sorry for that. If you want to affiliate with me, please email me - to find my email go to the section "Contact" where you can find my email.

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