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Japanese High schools

To refresh your memory, elementary and junior high schools are in Japan compulsory education. High school attendance in Japan is optional. At the age of 15 you decide if you want to continue schooling after finishing with junior high school. To read a little bit more about the Japanese school system check the article under "Digimon Adventure & 02 -> Odaiba Junior High School" or just click here!

Digimon Tri High School

Pretty much every original DigiDestined go to the same High school in Digimon Tri (except for Joe who is older and Kari and T.K. who are younger). The school is not in Odaiba anymore - like the junior high school was. It's still pretty close since Tai is driving there with his bike. In the first episode we can see Tai driving there with his bike and we can see and recognize the bridges he's crossing. If you check the map you'll see that the high school is most likely Tokyo Metropolitan Harumi-Sogo High School. If you go around it you can see that part of it is the same as the one in Digimon Tri. The entrance where the soccer field is. If you need to check the map, you can check it here under Digimon Tri section.

There aren't many pictures from the inside of the school - all that I found were really small and you can barely see something. The canteen is very similar - the tables and chairs not so much, but the big windows in it are. Like every other school in the Digimon franchise, this school is probably also a little bit made up. Maybe just the location and part of it are the same as in the series. If you check the school from the bird's perspective you will see the buildings don't really match up. When searching for the school's pictures I was searching for the little fountain they have in the middle of the school's yard. I couldn't find any but there are a lot of plants around the school - just like in Digimon Tri.

I also like the inside of the school. The canteen, the big ceilings, and the roof part are my favourite. I like how there are benches on the roof so the students can hang out a little. Every other thing looks like every other high school. Check the pictures below:

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