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Every here and then I decide to do a comparison from Odaiba in Digimon series to Odaiba in the real world. In 2017 I went to Japan for a month and of course I went to Odaiba for a day or two. I wasn't prepared at all. I had a few pointers on what to see in Odaiba (Digimon related) from my page. I created that "article" a long time ago and I didn't update it for another long time. It was a great trip and to see all these stuff in real world is really amazing. Really nostalgic!

So three years later I made another article about spending a day or two in Odaiba - it's actually my travel diary for these two days. How to get there, where to go to see Digimon stuff, where to eat and stuff like this. But while writing it I realized I didn't see much. I still remember walking in this park and taking pictures of it because I knew something is happening in this park in Digimon Tri - even if I haven't seen it yet.

And since I have been home a lot (it's March 2020, I wonder why) I created this map with Digimon locations from season 1, season 2, all the movies and even with Digimon tri locations. I also put pictures from the series in it so that you will know what to search for when you are there. It wasn't easy and I am sure I missed a lot of things but since I live in Europe and my way to find these things is only with google and google maps I think I did it okay. It's still a lot. I am sure I would need more than a day or two to visit all these things now. It's not just Odaiba but everything I could find (in Japan). So, here is the map:

(Legend: ♥ - real locations from season 1 - ♥ - real locations from season 2 - ♥ - real locations from both seasons/movies - ♥ - movies locations - ♥ - digimon tri locations - ♥ - digimon: last evolution kizuna locations - ♥ - digimon adventure:2020 locations - ♥ - digidestined's homes)

There are a few things I couldn't find, but are mentioned in season 1/2/tri/movies:
Tamachi - It's a place where Ken lives in the second season. I can find Tamachi on google maps but I can't find his building. Or any building that looks just like the ones in Tamachi episodes. I tried to follow the map of Tamachi that Izzy showed but I had no luck.
Shimane - remember the second movie where Matt and T.K. go to their grandmother in Shimane, where there is no internet? It took me a lot of time to research this place and do you remember the Takeshita Electric where Matt and T.K. go first to ask for the computer? That building actually existed. It was National shop that later became Panasonic shop. They closed the shop in 2019. But the barbershop, where Matt and T.K. finally get a working computer is supposedly still there and working and if you search for "Nabara Barber Shop, Shimane" you will find it.
Lake Yamanaka - In the second season when Matt, Izzy, and Tai (and Matt's father) go camping to be an alibi for the children who are fighting in the digital world they go to Lake Yamanaka. There are a few houses that look a little bit like theirs but I couldn't be sure for any of them.
Chiba - I actually read this somewhere, I am not sure if it's true though. In the third movie Davis, Yolei and Cody are playing on a beach and this beach should be in Chiba.
Setagaya ward, Bunkyo ward, Adachi ward - places in Tokyo where the children with dark seeds live.
Places around the world - France (Paris - Palace of Versailles), Hong Kong (Nathan road, Kowloon park), Australia (Golden coast), Russia (Moscow), America (Miami Beach, New York), Mexico (Acapulco/Palenque, Mayan ruins) - season 2 - Digidestined go around the world to destroy Dark towers and to send Digimon back to the digital world.

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