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Welcome to Taiora's part of the TD page

Welcome! Welcome! This is a Taiora Section of TD page. Here you can find all informations about Tai, Sora and of course Taiora. If you want to go back to the TD page and see Daikari section just click "Go back to TD page" (navigation) and choose Daikari section. But while you're already here, enjoy your stay!

I hope you like the layout. It's from the fourth Digimon movie. The original picture was actually with Matt and Sora - when they were shopping (I guess). But I loved Sora on it so much so I decided to do a Taiora version of the picture. I didn't know how to color it, so I decided to do it as simple as I can. I like how it turned out.

Taiora section is part of kuramonster domain.