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Welcome to Daikari's part of the TD page

Welcome! Welcome! This is a Daikari Section of TD page. Here you can find all informations about Davis, Kari and of course Daikari. If you want to go back to TD page and see Taiora section just click "Go back to TD page" (navigation) and choose Taiora section. But while you're already here, enjoy your stay!

I think you all recognize the layout picture. Yes, this was actually a Takari picture (from the third movie when Kari and T.K. went to New York to visit Mimi). Since I already made Taiora version from Sorato picture I decided to do Daikari version from Takari picture. Takari fans probably hate it, but I like it! (Btw, Davis' clothing is from CD: Original story 2003 spring.)

Daikari section is part of kuramonster domain.